Escrow Platform Alpha Version Launched |               Coins to be delisted from Escodex on 24/8/2018- SLTC, LINC, GOSS, SAGA, SEND. Please withdraw.

About Escodex Exchange

EscoDex is backed by a talented group of software developers and their passion for technology, distributed systems and economy brought them to the cryptocurrency world.

Decentralization is the key driving factor in the crypto-economy. That's why the idea of cryptocurrency exchange without a middleman taking a cut was created. EscoDex is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that will support trading services for multiple cryptocurrencies, aiming to create a service that is simple and easy for the everyday user.EscoDex provide blockchain wallet service where consumers and traders can transact with multiple digital currencies.

Features of EscoDex Exchange

Decentralized – there is no single point of failure. The system is peer-to-peer and trading can not be stopped or censored.

Secure Funds - Your money will stay in your wallets. There's never any need to trust your money where hackers can get to it

About Escrow Platform

The Escrow Platform is being introduced with an aim to bring world-class Escrow Service to crypto world. It is a decentralized system built on Blockchain technology, serving as a financial vehicle, that allows 2 transacting parties- a Buyer and a Seller, to exchange digital assets via an Escrow Agent. All digital assets listed at these 4 exchanges- Escodex, ,Bitcoin Profit app, Bitshares & CryptoBridge are supported to escrow.

All payments to Escrow Agents will be done by EscrowCoin(ESCO). If one party backs out from initiating funds, the other party gets the refund by Escrow Agent. This ensures that no party is scammed. Counterparty Risk Minimization is fulfilled since funds are escrowed using a common trust.

Features of Escrow Platform

Decentralized- No single point of faliure

Security- Provides users with 100% Scam Proof Environment

Scalability- Exchange any Asset for any Asset

Quick & Easy

Minimum 100 currencies supported

Verified transactions


Yes, Escodex is a web based decentralized exchange.

1. No single point of failure.

2. A truly decentralized application doesn't have anyway for someone to take over the system, which makes it more resistant to censorship and power games.

3. More Safe as compared to centralized as your assets are in your wallet.

There will be no withdrawal limit.

Trading fee will very from coin to coin depending on coin volume.(0.1% to 0.2%)

It is necessary to register on the website and add funds to your account.//You can use your . Cryptobridge login credential.

Cryptocurrency is added via direct transfer to the address generated for you in the exchange's crypto wallet.

Form your Sell Order at the right price. When it coincides with Orders Buy, the system will automatically close the transaction.

Form your Buy Order to buy at the right price. When it coincides with Orders Sell, the system will automatically close the transaction.

Yes, it is possible at any time. Order can be canceled from the list of their active orders.

No, you cannot change the Order's details. You can revoke the Order and form a new one.

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